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Terms and Conditions of the advancement of the mSFA application


Bine aţi venit la avansales mSFA – mobile Sales Force Automation for small and medium businesses! We're glad you chose our app! Our mission is to meet your mobile business needs. Using the application assumes that you have read this document in advance and agreed to its contents.

Accepting Terms of Service

By downloading and using the mSFA advance you agree to and agree to be bound by these Terms of Service. The app provider and app provider may modify these Terms of Service at any time. By continuing using the mSFA advance, after making changes to these Terms, you agree to submit to those changes.

Limiting Usage of Application

You must be at least 14 years old to download and use the avansales mSFA application, or, if you are not at least 14 years old, you can download or use the mSFA advance only with or under the supervision of your parent or guardian . If you do not comply with these conditions, please do not download the advanced mSFA application.


Any information made available by you or collected by us when using the mSFA advance is subject to the Privacy Policy

The advanced mSFA application does not store personal information except IMSI (the unique ID of the phone card). This is done on a secure, private connection, so no one, employee or collaborator of mSFA advanced can access this information. They are used exclusively to ensure the application's operation. Also, the application manufacturer and provider are registered as personal data operators.

Intelectual property

Set Mobile and / or its licensors are the sole owners of the advanced mSFA application, which includes any software, domain, and content made available through the application, site, or social media pages. The advance mSFA application is protected by Romanian and international copyrights and other intellectual property laws. This may only be used for the purposes specified in the use and sub-license agreement, and Set Mobile grants you a limited license to do so. Without being limited, this means you may not sell, export, license, modify, copy, reverse engineering, distribute or transmit the mSFA advance without the prior written permission of Set Mobile. Any unauthorized use of the advanced mSFA application will terminate the limited license provided by us. Advansales mSFA, and the graphics, logos, images and services associated with the mSFA advance are trademarks or registered trademarks or represent the commercial image of Set Mobile. They can not be used without the prior written consent of Set Mobile. All other trademarks that are not the property of Set Mobile and appear in the mSFA avansales app, are the property of those owners who may or may not be associated with or sponsored by Set Mobile.

Electronic Communication

By downloading and / or using the advanced mSFA application, you agree to receive electronic communications And notifications from Set Mobile. Also, Set Mobile (the forwarder of mSFA) can get you Send electronic communications or notifications to promote other similar services. You agree that Any notification, agreement, disclosure or other communications we send electronically will satisfy Any legal requirements for communication, including that such communications must be made in writing.

Your conduit

By downloading and using the mSFA advance, you agree not to upload, post, email Or transmit any material containing viruses or other computer codes, files, or programs Interrupt, destroy, or restrict the functionality of any software or hardware or equipment Telecommunication associated with the advanced mSFA app. You also agree not to interfere with Servers or networks that are related to the mSFA advance or do not violate any procedure, policy Or regulation of networks that are related to the mSFA advance. You also agree not to: A) Claim that you are another person while using the advanced mSFA application;
B) Use the advance MSFA for unlawful purposes;
C) resell or export the software associated with the advanced mSFA application. MSFA advansales does not promote, recommend or tolerate the use of the application during certain activities Such as driving a vehicle because there is a high risk of accidents. You agree not to use it The application advanced mSFA while performing such activities or did it on your own responsibility.

Offers of Third Parties

The advanced mSFA application may contain links to third-party web sites or non-affiliate programs Are controlled by or associated with mSFA advances. MSFA is not responsible for Content, offers, or privacy policies of such sites or programs, including but not limited to Limit yourself to, redemption of your offers or the trader's refusal to honor anything offer. Your relationship with third party sites only takes place between you and Those third parties.

The cost of using the application advanced mSFA

Use of Disclosed Information

You agree that mSFA advansales has the right to use any comments, information or ideas contained in Any communication that you send to Set Mobile or its partners without any Compensation, recognition or payment to you for any purpose, including but not limited to Development, production and marketing products and services, and the creation or improvement of the advance MSFA or other products and services.

Lack of Warranty and Liability

Set Mobile provides the advance mSFA application as such and without any warranty or express condition involved Or statutory status. Set Mobile is not responsible for any errors or omissions occurring in the advance mSFA; Any delays, delays or interruptions occurring in the advance mSFA application; Any losses or Faults resulting from the use of the advanced mSFA application, including, but not limited to, any failure of Your mobile phone; Any way to use the mSFA advanced user application. Set Mobile, partners, associates, administrators, representatives, employees (together or individually) will not be Responsible in no way for loss of use or any special, incidental, indirect or consequential loss Important issues arising from or related to the advanced mSFA application or these terms of use, or Any theory of liability, even if the possibility of loss was mentioned or not. Where any The applicable authority considers part of this section to be non-existent, then liability will be limited To the fullest extent permitted by applicable law.


You agree to indemnify and hold Set Mobile and any partners, associates, administrators, Representatives, employees or agents and its trading partners against and against any complaints, or Grounds for third-party proceedings, including lawyers' fees, court fees, You derive, directly or indirectly, from your use of the mSFA advance or mSFA application To you, of any law or rights of third parties.


You agree that these terms of service or any claim, dispute or controversy (both in the contract Or otherwise, even if they are already present or future and including those established by law, common or Fair complaints) between you and Set Mobile arising out of or relating to these Terms Operation, interpretation or violation, interruption or validity, relationship resulting from these Terms of Service, mSFA advance, mSFA advances or any activity related to These will be governed and resolved in accordance with the laws of Romania.


If any provision contained in these terms of service is considered invalid or Non-exequatur, such provision will be void, and the other provisions will be deemed applicable continuation. Titles have a reference only and do not define, limit, interpret or describe the purpose of that sections. Our inability to meet one of the provisions of these Terms of Service will not Constitutes the waiver of that provision or any other. These Terms of Service expose the whole Agreement and the agreement between you and Set Mobile regarding its subject matter.

Contact us

If you have any questions about these Terms of Service or downloading and / or using The application advanced mSFA, do not hesitate to contact us at sfa@avansales.ro, Skype ID advanced or on the phone +4 0755 072 421.

About us

Avansales mSFA is a mobile application owned and operated by Set Mobile SRL. www.avansales.com, www.avansales.ro și www.setmobile.ro Are web pages owned and managed by Set Mobile SRL.

We are registered in Romania with the Unique Registration Code RO15967256.

We are registered at Rovine Street number 3, Sector 2, Bucharest.

We are registered as a personal data carrier.

Effective date

The Terms and Conditions will enter into force on 01.01.2014

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