Key benefits from organizing your distribution with Avansales

Sell big and fast - register orders at any time and place

  • Access previous orders and customer history.
  • Register the suited items in the right amounts.
  • Show delightful product images.

Improve collecting - know the due invoices daily

  • Guide the sales rep to register due payments.
  • Print the receipt on the way.
  • Manage sales agent commission based on meeting their sales target.

Save transportation cost - plan the selling routes

  • Organize your sales territory.
  • Assign visiting days for each client and sales rep.
  • Plan the visits following the optimal route.

Manage time efficiently - easy access to client data

  • Allow client segmentation on distribution channels and visiting days.
  • Register starting and ending time for each client visit.
  • Register starting and ending mileage for each working day.

Happy on boarding - enjoy the ride from the beginning

  • Have your business identification data automatically retrived from public ledgers or from social media.
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Easy riding - login or change the role on the fly

  • Use platform generated credentials or a social media account to login to the backoffice or to the mobile app.
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Features in development or in planning

Show the sales as they happen - put the client visits on a map

  • See and optimize the sales routes on the map. See and optimize the sales routes on the map See and optimize the sales routes on the map
  • Geo location of the client visits on the map.Geo location of the client visits on the mapGeo location of the client visits on the map

Grow your sales - identify and focus on higher-profit customers

  • Cherish those dependable, repeat customers who consistently place good sized orders.
  • Increase the accuracy of sales forecasts. Know “what”, “to whom” and “when” you will make the sale.

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